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Run any trail with The Superior™, our newest lightweight performance off road shoe. The foot-shaped design provides for maximum foot relaxation and speed, while the Zero Drop™ platform gives you stabilization and better form. Get rugged protection from a lightweight shoe with removable StoneGuard™ rock protection system. The Superior™ also features a CheckerTrail outsole for maximum grip and a two-layer midsole with A-Bound for maximum energy return. Take on the terrain with an inspired trail running shoe.

Technical Stuff

  • Ideal Uses: Trail Running, Hiking, Fastpacking
  • Designed to Reduce: Running Slow on the Trail
  • Platform: Zero Drop™ Platform
  • Weight: 8.9 oz. (without StoneGuard)
  • Midsole: Two-Layer EVA / A-Bound™
  • Outsole: CheckerTrail Outsole
  • Insole: Contoured
  • Upper: Quick Dry Trail Mesh
  • Lacing Structure: Asymmetric
  • Other Features: Removable StoneGuard Rock Protection, Foot-Shaped Design

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Customer Reviews for the Superior™

Best minimal trail shoe
By Chubbymark on Feb 18, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Looking for a light and flexible trail shoe and came across the Superior. Very fast shoe with large toe-box to allow forefoot to "flow" upon landing. Very impressed with removable stone-shield, I run on rocky trails and I need the option. The only down-side is a somewhat flimsy tongue that must be m... (Read more)
Wonderful trail shoe.
By Jules on Feb 27, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
The more I wear the Altra products, the more I like them. I own a pair of Instincts and now the Superior and I love them. The comfort of the expanded toe box along with zero drop fits my minimalist style. I have found the rock protection to be beneficial too, compared to some other minimalist shoes... (Read more)
Favorite Shoe Yet! Just Two Small Design Fixes Needed.
By procyonlotus on Jan 26, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
This shoe is flexible and provides a similar feel to barefoot, but unlike barefoot shoes, it has just enough padding to prevent you from getting ignited if you step on a sharp rock. The removable rock plate is a feature that works well and is very worth having. Even with my narrow feet, I love the ... (Read more)
Durability Issues As Well
By Rob on Mar 6, 2013
Average Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
The good: Very comfortable, wide trail shoe that would do fine on dirt and road. You probably do need to go 1/2 or a full size up. The bad: Durability issues...with less than 100 miles on my pair, the fabric was already coming apart on the medial side of my left shoe. My Lone Peaks have held up ... (Read more)
So far my favorite running shoe,
By Chris on Nov 1, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I have a wide foot and was wearing Brooks Ghost 5's for about a year. They were falling apart after about 175 Trail Miles. Finding a trail shoe for my wide foot was a frustrating battle until by chance my local store picked up this brand. Things I like the most: 1) Toe Box. It makes the long ... (Read more)
Great fit
By matt on Feb 4, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
One of my favorite trail shoes. Altras simply have the best anatomic fit for my feet. Good points: - Fit - Flexibility - Most comfortable running shoe I've found so far - Zero drop as with any Altra To be improved - Removeable rockplate feels a little hard (I usually run without). Have to... (Read more)
Superior is a fitting name, all I needed in a trail show.
By jbs1126 on Oct 19, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I can not wait to see the take the shoe gurus across the industry have on this shoe. Simply amazing fit and customizable to the situation. How can a shoe be so snug and loose at the same time, my toes spread nicely, but the mid is snug and secure with the cords. Even with the low profile, I don't ... (Read more)
Altra Superior review
By Dan on Oct 16, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I was very excited for this shoe to come out. I love the Lone Peak, but its a little too much shoe for my faster, more technical runs. I use the Lone Peak when I go really long. The Superior bridges the gap between the Lone Peak, and going super minimal. I ran in them for the first tim... (Read more)
Awesome Shoe.
By Orange Trail Monkey on Oct 20, 2012
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
I have been running trails for about 3 years and I think I found the last shoe I'll ever buy. I did a 17 mile trail run this weekend and absolutely loved this shoe. This shoe provided excellent stability and a very non-slick tread for both the up and downhill trails, even on slick rocks. A few times... (Read more)
By Runtgh on Jan 14, 2013
Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
3 months in and the side mesh has ripped out, front vinyl has ripped and a holder for the black string has ripped apart. I am still running in the lone peaks and they are 14 months old with 600 plus miles on me. Apart from the foam at the heal they are in great shape. Not sure what happened with the... (Read more)
Finally found the perfect zero drop trail shoe
By trailrnr57 on Jan 20, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
After many years of running road races I switched to trail races a little over three years ago. I had also researched barefoot running and switched to a minimalist shoe. After trying four different brands, over the last three years, I purchased a pair of the Superiors three weeks ago. I have complet... (Read more)
Tearing uppers, too.
By Stefan on Jan 23, 2013
Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
Actually a great shoe but after only 40 miles the side mesh ripped. First on the left shoe but the right shoe shows initial damage at the same spot, too. Please see here for images and a more thorough description:
Comfortable yes, construction quality- so/so
By DogFishTX on Jan 25, 2013
Average Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
I LOVE the fit and feel of this shoe. However, only 2.5 stars based on construction quality. I am on my third replacement pair. The seam that connected the tongue to the side of the shoe unraveled after about a month on the first pair, second pair same problem after about FOUR wearings, We'll see... (Read more)
need infro
By super dave on Jan 25, 2013
Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
Is this a good running road shoe ,I do about 30 , 40 miles week on pavement. and do 1 ,2 5k month. your thought on this shoe superior
nice shoe, feels like a slipper
By RED on Jan 25, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I selected this shoe because it seemed to be the widest version of all the styles (which was a necessary criteria in order to not re-aggrivate a bruised metatarsal injury). Can't wait to take a long walk or hike in them and see how my feet feel afterwards! A note to people trying to find their size,... (Read more)
My first trail running shoes.
By Emmanuel on Mar 9, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
These are the shoes I got, without the rock-plate and extra insole, I love them so far. The ribbing on the bottom going front and back means they've got grip without being super nubby. Good trail feel.
My favorite Altra yet!
By Mace on Jan 9, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I have tried every Altra they offer and these are my absolute favorite. It provides a perfect balance between the Samson, Instinct, and Lone Peek. Less cushion then the Instinct but not a total minimalist like the Samson. You also have the traction and stone guard to keep up your lone peek style tri... (Read more)
Super shoe, except for durability of side of forefoot mesh
By Lightning Racer on Dec 19, 2012
Average Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
These shoes are the most comfortable shoes of any that I have used in my life for fit. I especially love the little toe room that is lacking in every other shoe that I have ever used. The mesh also accommodates my bunions without putting pressure on them. Once I adapted to the firm ride, I like t... (Read more)
Best trail shoe so far!
By BostonTrailTerrior on Dec 18, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I feel the same as Dan about the shoe and the Lone Peak (which I wear for hiking). Altra essentially took the Instinct and modified it for trail use---perfect! It's light but still gives more support and protection from roots and rocks than the super minimalist shoes do. Like most of the Altras and ... (Read more)
Awesome shoe . . . except the tread.
By Jrod on Dec 2, 2012
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
I love everything about this shoe except the traction. It is fine for forward motion, but the lateral traction is quite poor. Muddy switchbacks at speed are a problem. Altra got the Lone Peak traction so right . . . why the deviation? With better lateral traction this shoe would be a dream.
"superior" fit, but...
By OldGoat on Nov 29, 2012
Average Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
After many happy miles in a pair of Lone Peaks, I was excited to try the new Superior. The light weight and fit is, well, "superior". It seemed to be my all-time dream come true shoe. But, after less than 200 miles, the sidewall mesh on both shoes tore out. The soles still have miles of wear, bu... (Read more)
By Jimms on Nov 28, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
When visiting Seattle, I was introduced to this trail shoe by Phil at Seven Hills Running Shop ( a gem of a store that has an emphasis on trail shoes ). After a week's running in them , I am absolutely super pleased with them. There is ample toe room, just the right amount of cushion,and the zero d... (Read more)
Quantum leap of improvement over the Lone Peak or Instinct
By Maike on Nov 14, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
This shoe is a marriage between the Instinct and the Lone Peak but it's much more form fitting and better than either shoe. I've tried them on the roads with the form fitting insole and without it and found them to be better than the Instinct on the roads. I tried them with the stone guard insert i... (Read more)
Absoultely My Favorite Trail Shoe
By NSFW on Nov 16, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
This is my daily driver trail shoe for a very good reason, they are solid, comfortable, adaptable, and fast shoes that don't compromise on function. They're not "dumbed down" to appeal to the need some product managers might have to move millions of units in a non-technical market which would rem... (Read more)
Superior indeed!
By cavedog on Nov 17, 2012
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
After wearing out my first pair of Instincts on the local, very rocky trails, I tried the Lone Peak. Not for me- too stiff, over-engineered. What I wanted was the Instinct with a lugged sole, keeping the flexibility and ground feel of the Instinct. The Superior is it. As with the Instinct, I... (Read more)
Superior Review
By Otterman on Nov 19, 2012
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Never having worn the Lone Peak, this is my first experience with an Altra trail shoe. I ended up having to step up a size from 9.5 to 10. They do lack a little in the toe box when compared to my Instincts but that has not seemed to affect me on the trails. Very light, almost a slipper-like quality.... (Read more)
Best Shoe!
By Asheville Trail on Mar 20, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I have been searching for a comfortable and efficient running shoe for a long time and Altra has won my feet for life. Right out of the box these shoes floated me through a quick five mile run. I have tried nike, new balance, and several makes from brooks and never had a pair feel this great. Thanks... (Read more)
Most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, weak craftsmanship...
By Marc(us) on Apr 3, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
I love these shoes... they are hands down the best fitting shoes I've ever owned, even better than my lone peaks. Running in them is an amazing experience. However, while the fit is better, the materials seem shabby and weak, especially when compared to the original Instincts and Lone Peaks. Furt... (Read more)
needs better traction
By Donster0202 on Apr 30, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
my only issue with the otherwise fantastic shoe... it needs much better traction! there's just too much flat surface on the bottom. it seems the lugs only really go 2 directions & i've found myself slipping along gravel surfaces, sliding on 1 foot for several feet & wobbling around trying to keep my... (Read more)
super love this shoe.......but...
By memo on May 4, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
i have had the superior for 4 months now, and i have about 269 miles on them. I really love the super wide toebox! Its very roomy. The upper is also very comfortable. The overall roomy feel is great and also secure. Now for the buts... The laces are so long that i have to do like 4 knots. I dont... (Read more)
Perfect for Mountain Ultras
By JHyatt on Jul 2, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Typically you do not want to try out any new shoes for a race. I tried on these shoes the weekend of June 28-29th while waiting for the Black Hills 50 Mile race in Sturgis, SD and decided to give them a try. First of all, they run small, so even though I typically run in an 11-11.5, I needed a 12 fo... (Read more)
Great shoe that fills a niche
By Michael K7 on Jul 20, 2013
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
I already own and love the original Instincts and the original Lone Peaks, so much of my review will be in reference those two shoes. I had originally hoped that this shoe would be Altra's lightweight trail running shoe, but they're nowhere near as light as i'd hoped. The fit: i wear a 13 in the Ins... (Read more)
Good shoe - questionable durability
By serveandvolley on Jul 24, 2013
Average Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Love the shoes, but the mesh ripped out on the sides of the shoe. Took less than 150 miles to do so. Would not buy again unless there is a materials change in the mesh.
back to the drawing board
By goatroper on Jul 31, 2013
Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
bought them a month ago, performed well on trails for about 150 miles. the foam is now dead, completely compressed. the mesh has also lost memory and offers zero lateral stability, increasing the tendency to wash out on cambered surfaces. the sole will now fold over a much shorter diameter under s... (Read more)
Amazing Trail Shoe
By FirstUltra on Aug 5, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
I just completed my first 50 miler ultra trail marathon wearing the Superior. At an aid station around mile 30 I saw another runner take off his shoes and his toes and feet were all blistered up. I took off my shoes and my feet looked great. No blisters! It gave me an extra boost of energy to get... (Read more)
Thank you, thank you and thank you!
By gt on Aug 10, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Just read about the 2013/14 expected updates on I have 3 thank you's... 1) thank you for going for an even better superior (it is already amazing, i've burned through a few pair cause i love them so much!) 2) thank you for coming up with the EVERYDAY. i'm currently wearing black ... (Read more)
great fit and feel
By runforfun on Aug 19, 2013
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
These are the best fitting and most comfortable running shoes I have owned. On my second pair of superiors and 4th pair of Altras (superiors, instinct 1.5, and Lone Peak 1.5). They feel light and have good traction on the trail. On a very rocky trail I have even put in two "stoneguards" which works ... (Read more)
Fantastic Shoe!!!
By BoldestBoulder on Sep 5, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I'm loving the wide toe-box, which is very forgiving for trail-running (and my cave-man wide feet). Great traction on dirt and rocks, this is the best trail shoe I've ever had!
A Wonder Shoe
By Emil Kraft on Sep 6, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you Altra! I just don't know how you can be the only ones doing this. The classic problem with trail running is: you want a shoe that has the benefits of being "minimal" but isn't so minimal you injure the bones in your arch misstepping on rocks and roots. For me this shoe ... (Read more)
Great shoe but not durable
By Andrew on Sep 7, 2013
Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
This was a great shoe for an all around trail and even on the road but it started tearing apart on the sides soon after getting them. I run about 40 miles a week and they only lasted about 6 weeks. After 2 pair I am now looking for a more durable shoe.
Solid Shoe
By Cordisimo on Sep 10, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Pros: - They dry pretty fast - The removal rock plate allows the runner to control how minimalist they want the shoe to be and adjust to trail conditions. - Toe box has enough room for your toes to invite some friends (definitely the best part) Cons: -Grip on rock isn't too good. (Dirt i... (Read more)
Love em
By RunsOnRocks on Sep 17, 2013
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
I moved to The Altra Superior from a minimalist shoe because the trails I have access to are very rocky and my feet were getting beaten up. I wanted some cushion but also wanted to keep the shoe light weight and zero drop. I found exactly what I was looking for with this shoe. I and my feet thank yo... (Read more)
Needs better outsole
By Nordkappler on Sep 29, 2013
Average Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
I've got a couple of sizes in these and have been pretty happy with them in my shoe rotation with mostly other zero drop minimal shoes (New Balance and Inov8) - both have got about 400-500k in them. Upper is looking fine in spite of the technical trail we run here but there are some spots where the ... (Read more)
Spartan Race Experience
By Sparta on Dec 15, 2013
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
I completed the Texas Spartan Beast yesterday, wearing a pair of newly acquired Superiors. This is my second pair of Altras. The Good: terrific fit and support. Unlike more road-going Altras, the Superior had excellent lateral support. The toe box is roomy enough to allow splaying, but not so much ... (Read more)
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