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Provision 1.5

Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
(4.5 / 5.0)
Provision 1.5
Experience Altra's all-new Provision™ 1.5 – designed to promote low impact running form while preventing discomfort associated with stability issues and weak foot musculature. The removable stability wedge assists with fallen arches and excessive overpronation. Simply remove the stability wedge to convert this shoe from a moderate stability shoe to a neutral to mild stability shoe. The Zero Drop™ platform provides a high level of natural stability. Plus, with its unique FootShape™ toe box, toes are allowed to splay naturally to assist in a more powerful push-off and greater comfort on the long run – something other running shoes don't offer.

Customer Reviews for the Provision 1.5

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Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Just what I needed

By CrankPants (Tampa, Fl) on May 22, 2014

During my few months in these I was running 6-10 mile/run 3x/wk, avg'ing 25 miles/wk. I am a 38 yr old lifelong runner with a history of posterior tibialis tendonitis for the past year. Worse after my last marathon in Jan. It's all but gone in these. I have tried low drop shoes in the past, but they always equated to minimal cushioning which limited use to shorter runs. These were great on the 10 milers. ONLY COMPLAINT... They have a limited lifespan for the price. 200 miles on mine and I've ordered a second pair of Altra Repetitions in preparation for upcoming marathon training and hopes for longer durability. I would buy these again, but I'd be looking for a better price point.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Running pain free!

By K-Mo (Phoenix, AZ) on May 12, 2014

I've only been running consistently for a year or so. I do 2.5 miles 2-3 times a week and when I first began I bought a pair of name brand running shoes for $119. I'm 32 years old, healthy diet and frequent exercise but a month or so in of consistent running and I started to battle knee pain, shin splints, and lower back pain. I kept on running through it but then I saw the commercial for Altra shoes and read the reviews. They were overly positive for reducing the symptoms I was having so I was excited to try them. The first time I ran, I felt the difference - knee pain was almost absent after my run and within a few more runs no more shin splints or lower back pain. I've had my Altra Provision 1.5 shoes for 6 or 7 months now and I have been pain and injury free. I get my cardio runs in every week and I haven't been this impressed with a product in a long-time. 5 Stars! I'll be an Altra customer for a very long time. They are also very durable.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Perfect Running Shoe

By Rob (Corinth, MS ) on Aug 13, 2014

The shoe promotes a stable landing which allows disbursement of impact across the entire lower body--including the hips and core which relieves stress from the lower legs. I rotate the provisionals with Altra ones, using the provisional for double digit mile runs and the ones for speed work. I love both
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Overall an excellent shoe

By FalconRunner99 (Colorado Springs, CO) on Aug 9, 2014

The Provison 1.5 is so far an excellent shoe (I don't have many miles in since I have been recovering from injuries). Also, I noticed that the run in this shoe doesn't aggravate any injury that I have/had. Definitely a trail shoe though! It personally is a little bit harder to run roads in this shoe but it is possible. If you are just going to Altras, like myself, then transition slowly. I run in high school and I hope these shoes help with training. Looking to buy the One2 for road running. Thank you so much Altra!
Average Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Ride is not working for me

By spcmcpultra (Twin Cities, MN) on Jul 18, 2014

This shoe accommodates my wide flat feet. I followed the sizing recommendations and I feel they are a tad long, but the toe cap is so low that I feel like a 1/2 size smaller would result in major problems in that area. I think they do a good job in the stability department. They prevent excessive pronation, which is something that I do. But the ride is harsh, the eva is very firm, and I feel very slow in them. Also, the pods that should be under the ball of the foot are actually under my toes, and this is very uncomfortable. I can't get a good heel lock in, even with loop lock lacing, so they feel sloppy. The removable stability wedges are great. I have since discovered that my Altra Torin 1.5's with stability wedges are all I need to control my excessive pronation. The Provision would be OK for walking and bumming around. They look awesome. But I didn't buy them for that, so they gotta go back.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
The first shoe that fits

By isayrock (Battle Creek, MI) on May 11, 2013

My feet are wide and flat, and though that usually prompts shoe salesfolk to try and squeeze me into a pair of high stability shoes with intense arch support, my feet and back hate it. Growing up in Hawaii, I was either barefoot or in flat rubber slippers 99% of the time so I've been a fan of minimalist shoes for a very long time. I was introduced to Altras the other day, and for the first time in my life, wore a pair of shoes that didn't cramp up my toe box and let my heels sit naturally. I'm training for my first 5K and the Provision 1.5 feels like it was tailored and bespoke just for my feet. I'm blown away. I also bought a pair of Superior trail shoes so I don't wear out the Provisions, because I want to wear them EVERYWHERE! My fiance also bought a pair of Superiors, so you've not only made a lifelong fan, but a family of fans as well!
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
First Pair of Altras

By Irish (Corvallis, OR) on Jun 24, 2013

So I thought that I would take this opportunity to write my review now. I just completed my second run in my new Provisions. I found my baseline as the site suggests. I will say this. I have been running for three years. I have run in 7 half marathons with a PR of 1:41 at the Rock and Roll Arizona 2013. I have been a Brooks Adrenaline supporter, but I have also been prone to injuries. I have been injury free since I have started to run in my Provisions, which is exactly what caused me to look into them. I will more than likely come back and change it from four stars to five, but I am impressed with this shoe. My heel strike is gone. It is different to run more on the ball of my foot, but I am injury free. I say ROCK ON ALTRA!!!
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Right fit and function

By Rness (Fort Benning, GA) on Jul 12, 2013

Great experience after my first week in these. I got to try on many different types at a great local store and nothing felt as natural as the ap1.5. I am not a super mileage guy. I run between 3 to 6 miles per day, 2 to 4 days a week. This shoe offers a more cushioned ride than I have had from other zero drop / minimal footwear. Allows my narrow foot to spread out and I have enjoyed them so far. Recommend you hit a local shop if able for a proper fit, but for me the 10.5 worked. I wear a 10.5 in most other normal running shoes and 11 in Nike.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Room enough to run.

By Dreamer1224 (Santa Barbara, CA) on Jul 26, 2013

I just completed my first month with this pair of shoes. First thing I have to say is no more crushed toes. When Altra said low shock they mean it. After a three month break I am just getting back to running with this new shoe. In the first two weeks I was back to running seven miles runs. I hope Altra gives me a discount on the second pair, but if not I would still pay the price. They are worth their weight in gold.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
A Shoe I Hope To Stay With

By runnerwannabe (Stockton, CA) on Aug 29, 2013

I am a novice runner. Transitioning to this shoe compelled me to write a review, something I don't do. My experience with this shoe has been extremely good. The comfort, stability and splay features allows me to enjoy running again. It has made all the difference for my body and the price is affordable. I only hope that by the time I reach 300 miles this shoe will still be available or the next model will have the same or superior technology.
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Recovered from marathon with no foot pain!

By Blue Pacific (Los Angeles, CA) on Oct 22, 2013

My toes are starting to heal since I've been running in Torins. Thanks for making a 15 in this shoe. The wide toe box allows my toes some wiggle room.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
light weight and responsive

By RYANGREENMIA (Charleston, SC) on Nov 24, 2013

I am a moderate pronator with medium arches. This shoe feels great as soon as it is on. I can wear it all day long at work, and then go for a 10-12 mile run and experience no foot fatigue. It is light weight and responsive, and the removable wedge is perfect for pronation. The rounded heel makes is almost impossible to heel strike. Next i will try "The One" with the wedge in it.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Excellent for pronators

By Fred (Jackson, CA) on Apr 25, 2014

My Profile: Male 68 years old runs 8-10 miles/week at 10 minutes per mile. Mild to moderate pronation in right foot. Constant Achilles tendon inflammation and calf muscle pulls in right leg. Casual shoe size: 10 med. Nike Structure 16: Size 11 med. Asics 2170 and 2000-2: Size 11 med. Brooks Pure Cadence 3: Size 11 med. Altra Provision 1.5: Size 10.5 med. When you get to my age, equipment that is a fraction of an inch off one way or the other can result in injuries to just about every muscle and tendon in your body. For the last several years I have been plagued with tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and pulled calf muscles more times than I can remember. I went through the above list of shoes during that period looking for ones that were designed to alleviate all those problems that are associated with pronation. When I got to the Brooks I found moderate relief. I studied the mechanics of all those shoes and found that most Nike, Asics, and New Balance running shoes have a heel that is around 12mm+ (1/2") higher than the toe. You are literally running downhill. The Brooks had a heel/toe drop (H/T drop) of only 4mm. I try to do a mid-foot plant while running. I observed my running mechanics wearing all those shoes and realized that with a 12mm H/T drop I was forced to lean just slightly forward to be able to get past the high heel to do a mid-foot plant. That extra few degrees of leaning forward not only put excess strain on my lower back it also caused me to put too much weight on my forefoot when I pushed off. The excess weight on the forefoot was clearly the cause of the pulled calf muscles and Achilles heel inflammation. I was working that group of muscles and tendons to death. I just tried on the Altra Provision 1.5 with its 0 mm H/T drop. The results are absolutely impressive. A mid-foot plant is very easy and is natural feeling. Stability is good due to the wide toe box. And best of all, no stress on the Achilles tendon or calf muscles. The Altra is 2 oz. heavier than the Brooks Cadence 3 but it provides a more stable ride which I need because of the pronation. RECOMMENDATIONS TO BUYERS OF THE PROVISION 1.5 In transitioning through all the shoes in the list above I was unknowingly gradually reducing my H/T drop from 12 mm+ to 4mm to 0 mm. When I dropped from 12mm down to 4 mm I had to take it easy for several runs. (Brooks and Altra recommend you take it easy for a few runs.) I could tell that with my heel lower to the ground, I was stretching my Achilles and calf muscles out more than what I was used to. I was concerned that I would aggravate the problems that I was trying to cure. It took about 5-6 easy shorter runs for my feet to get totally used to the new lower platform. If I tried to go straight from a 12mm Nike to the 0mm Altra I am sure I might have done some damage due to excess stretching. If you are currently running in a 12mm+ H/T drop, my suggestion is when you buy the Altra also buy a pair of Dr. Scholls heel gel-pads. Put them under the Altra's inner lining. This will raise the heel to 4-5 mm. Run on that for a few times until your feet get used to the lower platform. Then take the lifts out and run on the Zero Drop and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!