Feels Like Home.

By John (Tucson, AZ) on (Apr 2, 2013)

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 5.0 / 5.0

Comments: I recently purchased a pair of Instinct 1.5's. After owning and loving both the Instinct and the Superior Trail Shoes, the 1.5's felt like being home when I tried them on. I tried various other brands first, and used the treadmill at the store, but none of them had the same feel and fit as the Altra. I ran about 8 miles in them and they feel perfect. i will let you know after 100 miles.

Instinct™ 1.5

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An upgrade from the original award-winning shoe, The Instinct™ is the first shoe to truly marry the form-improving benefits of a minimalist shoe with the comfort, cushioning and support of a traditional running shoe. The Zero Drop™ platform and innovative foot-shaped design work together to help runners maintain proper running technique and reduce joint impact while freeing their toes to help alleviate foot pain. Trust your instincts and experience the world’s first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, Zero Drop™ running shoe.