great shoe...mesh sucks!!!!

By JoeProcopio (Morristown, NJ) on (Jun 16, 2013)

Average Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
 2.5 / 5.0

Comments: shoe fits great, nice wide toebox, love the sockless feel but there is a BIG problem that seems to be developing amongst owners. The MESH!!!! I purchased mine at the Runner's World Half Marathon last Oct. that my wife was running in, I was not a runner at all, a cyclist, but decided to a great price on them at the Festival so I got them...i have only put on a good 50 miles of running and some walking around with them and the mesh is tearing and ripping in the exact same spot on both shoes, the large toe between the mesh and where it connects to the toe guard. I have contacted Altra to see if this will be remedied, but from the reviews on this very site, it seems they haven't been very helpful. I have always found the people at Altra to be great, so I'm a little surprised at the lack of acknowledgment of the issue. I think it calls for a recall and hopefully I will get contacted and taken care of the right away...I own Instincts, and the 1.5s...and my wife has the Eves...not to mention I helped my brother in law into a pair of the I have promoted the growth of the brand...

Instinct™ 1.5

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An upgrade from the original award-winning shoe, The Instinct™ is the first shoe to truly marry the form-improving benefits of a minimalist shoe with the comfort, cushioning and support of a traditional running shoe. The Zero Drop™ platform and innovative foot-shaped design work together to help runners maintain proper running technique and reduce joint impact while freeing their toes to help alleviate foot pain. Trust your instincts and experience the world’s first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, Zero Drop™ running shoe.