Altra Superior review

By Dan (Aberdeen, NC) on (Oct 16, 2012)

Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
 5.0 / 5.0

Comments: I was very excited for this shoe to come out. I love the Lone Peak, but its a little too much shoe for my faster, more technical runs. I use the Lone Peak when I go really long. The Superior bridges the gap between the Lone Peak, and going super minimal. I ran in them for the first time today, and did a short 9 miler on really technical single track. The shoes performed better than I had hoped for. My chief complaint with shoes that have a wide forefoot is discomfort while contouring. If the shoe is poorly designed the pinky toe on the down hill foot can get really crushed and even worse, the foot can step over the mid-sole destroying any kind of stability the foot has on uneven terrain. I was pleasantly surprised that even while contouring in the Superior the foot stayed over the mid-sole, and I didn't experience any lateral discomfort. The fit of the Superior is a lot like the fit of the Instinct for me. The fore-foot still has a lot of room (like all Altra shoes), but the mid-foot is very secure feeling and makes the shoe feel very fast. The secure fit helped a lot on the technical trail I tried them on. The shoe feels very nimble jumping over downed trees, roots, and streams. It also is very responsive nailing hard 180 degree turn switch backs, and other tight turns. I was a bit apprehensive about the nylon cord on the sides of the shoe that connect to the laces. It worried me that 4 cords of nylon on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe could support the foot, and keep it secure over the mid-sole. The nylon cord worked great. The foot felt solid in the shoe, but still comfortable. I never felt the cords cutting into my feet, and they worked exactly as they were meant too. The Superior has a lower profile rear foot and counter then the Lone Peak. That makes the shoe lighter, and a little bit more comfortable on the turns then the Lone Peak. However lowering the rear of the shoe does make you lose some stability, but for the most part that loss is negligible.


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Run any trail with The Superior™, our newest lightweight performance off road shoe. The foot-shaped design provides for maximum foot relaxation and speed, while the Zero Drop™ platform gives you stabilization and better form. Get rugged protection from a lightweight shoe with removable StoneGuard™ rock protection system. The Superior™ also features a CheckerTrail outsole for maximum grip and a two-layer midsole with A-Bound for maximum energy return. Take on the terrain with an inspired trail running shoe.