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Running Form

Altra is committed to helping runners avoid injury by teaching efficient, low-impact running technique. Just like any other sport, you'd probably take lessons to get the most out of it. Whether you are just beginning or preparing for your next race, we've created the "learn to run initiative" to help runners run better and healthier.


Balanced Forward Posture

  • Stand tall, gaze forward
  • Keep chest forward and shoulders back and relaxed
  • Don't bend at the waist
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Compact Arms

  • Short, compact, relaxed arm movement
  • Pump back and recover forward, don't sway side to side
  • Elbows should not extend in front of the waist unless sprinting
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Proper Foot Strike

  • Land softly underneath a bent knee
  • Avoid overstriding and excessive heel striking
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High Cadence

  • Maintain approximately 170-180 steps per minute
  • Count 30 steps per leg in 20 seconds for a 180 cadence
  • Light, soft & quick foot placement
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