Jacob Puzey Shatters the 50 Mile Treadmill World Record with a Time of 4:57:45

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Altra elite athlete, Jacob Puzey, welcomed December with a record-breaking run at The Running Event in Orlando, FL. Wearing the Altra Paradigm and running on the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill, Puzey set a new treadmill 50 mile record with a time of 4:57:45 —that’s a 5:57 minute/mile average— shattering the previous record by nearly an hour. On his way to the 50 mile record, Puzey ran a marathon split of 2:38, only 16 minutes slower than his marathon PR. Timed and crewed by his Altra family, he fueled with potato chips, electrolyte drinks, and coke. He only took one quick bathroom break since the clock was still ticking.

More than a decade ago, Puzey shattered his navicular bone in his foot and was told he would never run again. His teammate, Golden Harper, helped him transition back into running in lower profile shoes; he still had to use orthotics, but he could run! When Golden eventually went on to found Altra, Puzey had the opportunity to run in some of the early models and was hooked for life. He has been part of the Altra family ever since and credits Altra for being a huge part of the reason he can run today. In this particular case, the Altra Paradigm was Puzey’s shoe of choice “because they are so cushioned and responsive” and “after trying a couple different models in training, they worked best on [his] long runs.”

Most people find running even a few miles on a treadmill monotonous and boring, but Puzey said he does not get bored when running on a treadmill, his crazy mental strength is demonstrated in the fact that he only listened to three songs during his 4:57:45 record breaking treadmill run! During his run, Puzey focused on the time he gets to spend running with his wife and kids, and how thankful he is for their love and support. He also thought about how fortunate he was to have a great ProForm treadmill at home that helps him keep up with training when work and cold Canadian weather prevent him from running outside.

In addition to being an incredible athlete, Puzey is a humble, loving family man, and even when he is cranking out sub 6 minute miles on a treadmill, it shows. His wife, Amy, and their 6-month old daughter, Ashima, were there to support him with motivational sticky notes reading “nothing is impossible”, “be strong, be grateful, have courage”, and “arise from the dust and be men.” Watching him interact with his daughter while completing a feat many can only dream of was unbelievably inspiring. Although Puzey’s family is his number one source for support and inspiration, his Altra family, fellow athletes, and the hundreds of spectators watching him break the record, definitely got his blood pumping and inspired him to kick the pace up even more for the big finale.

Both Puzey and his Altra Endurance Team teammate, Tommy “Rivers” Puzey, have an insane knack for running at a fast, consistent pace for a long time; it must run in the family! As Puzey (Jacob) put it “my brother and I are not fast; we are just a couple of guys who can run the same pace for a long time [which just happens to be really fast!]“, that statement describes Jacob Puzey in a nutshell. Congratulations from your Altra family, Jacob!

Jacob and his family