The 'Queen's' Road To Squaw

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We caught up with Altra Fit4Her elite athlete, Meghan (Arbogast) Laws, to get an idea of her training strategy, race day goals, and what it means to her to be toeing the line at Western States for her 11th time this year:

1. What has your training been like for Western States 2017? Are you doing any race-specific training? How does your training differ from last year?

“This year I have been focusing on vertical gain more than ever. I am getting close to 20k feet per week, which is more than I have done for Western States in the past. I can feel the benefit for sure, in that climbing has become easier and more sustainable. I hope it transfers into a faster finish.”

2. What is your race strategy for Western States 2017? What are your specific goals?

“Race strategy is to have fun. Fun for me is to run with an effort that I feel is sustainable, but faster than a jog and that all comes down to the fitness I have going into the race. Specific goal - if the weather is good (hot), I hope to break 20 hours. Generally speaking that usually puts me in the top 10.”

3. Thoughts on how this race may differ vs. last year? (i.e. differences in your training/prep, strategy, fitness as well as differences in your competition, course conditions etc.).

“I think, really the only change, is in my fitness - the competition, strategy, course conditions are fairly stable in my opinion.”

4. If you could describe the experience of running Western States in one word, what would it be?


5. What does this opportunity mean to you?

“It means that I’m not done yet!”

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Good Luck Meghan! We’ll be rooting for you! #seeyouinsquaw