Brad Stulberg and Kriste Peoples



Episode 2: Owning Mindfulness with Brad Stulberg and Kriste Peoples


At Altra, we believe running is a great way to improve both your mental and physical health. We also know it’s not the only way; sometimes you need to talk about it too. Our overall human performance can be dependent on our mental wellness, particularly during times as unpredictable and chaotic as 2020 has seen. With a little help from our friend and human performance researcher, author, and coach, Brad Stulberg, we’re excited to bring you a three-part series, “Mental Wellness: Let’s Run with It,” geared towards just that—mental health awareness and positive self-care.  

Brad’s relatable, conversational style makes for engaging chats with some of our Altra athletes, as we discover ways to deal with new daily stresses, ways to build community, and ways to be the best versions of ourselves. 








In the second of three episodes, Kriste Peoples and Brad Stulberg move into mindfulness and resilience. They share what mindfulness means to them and what it allows us to do in our lives.  

You can have emotions, but they don’t need to have you.  

“Hand on heart.” Take a step back and pause.  

Get outside of yourself. Find a community to support you. 

Stress + Rest = Growth.  

Not too hard, not too soft.  

Watch the full video below to take a deeper dive into ways to open your up to mindfulness, tell the truth, be self-disciplined, and so much more.  




Mental Wellness: Let's Run with It - Episode 2

Positive mental health and mindfulness are always important, especially during times that are especially trying. Coach Brad Stulberg sat down with Altra athletes to discuss some of their struggles and share what they’ve found helpful for coping and pushing through.



Kriste Peoples is a Denver-based writer, producer, speaker, Altra Elite trail running ambassador and the founder of Black Women’s Alliance (BWA) of Denver. She writes Running Starts, a bi-weekly, beginner-friendly column for Trail Runner Magazine, and is a women’s trail running coach with Lifes2ShortFitness. She leads, she speaks, she connects, and she focuses on empowering people to be people. Kriste loves sharing stories of inner and outer adventure, stories that inspire women to make noise and to take up space in the world.  

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Brad Stulberg researches, writes, and coaches on human performance, sustainable success, and well-being. He is bestselling author of the books Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. Known for his cross-disciplinary approach, weaving together lessons from modern science, ancient wisdom, and daily practice, his writing has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Wired, and Outside Magazine. In his performance coaching practice, he works with executives, entrepreneurs, and physicians. He is also cofounder of, a multimedia platform dedicated to the art and science of success.  


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