Altra Elite Athlete and host of the “Running For Real” podcast, Tina Muir, recently interviewed Dr. Emily Stoneman, infectious diseases expert from the University of Michigan. They discuss the current epidemic and answer listener questions on the topic from an expert’s point of view.





Tina Muir discusses her podcast

Altra Elite Athlete Tina Muir is a mom, speaker, runner and host of the popular podcast “Running For Real.” Muir’s podcast is all about providing real, relatable stories and advice from runners of all levels. Her goal with this podcast is to help motivate all listeners through struggles and not feel so alone. 


With the current state of the COVID-19 epidemic, like many of us, Muir was feeling helpless, so she decided to fast-track a bonus episode on the topic. It is a scary time, especially with all the information overload right now, so she spoke with Dr. Emily Stoneman, an infectious diseases expert from the University of Michigan. Stoneman answers several questions related to COVID-19 with the goal of helping all of us feel a little more informed and a little less scared during this time.  

In the second half of this episode, Muir discusses and gives advice on what to do if your race(s) has been cancelled.


This is an excellent, informative episode whether you are a runner or simply wanting to become better informed on the current state of things related to COVID-19. 


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