Vanish Carbon


We’re bringing FootShape™ comfort to the magical world of carbon-plated shoes. Introducing the Vanish Carbon — an all-new race shoe from Altra Running.

Shot of rear portion of Altra Lone Peak 6, showing the Ego midsole.


We partnered with carbon fiber expert Carbitex™ to design a plate that naturally flexes with your foot, providing an added boost and propulsion in every stride.

ROCKER. ON. Our rocker shape geometry is designed to give the feeling of being propelled forward with each step and provides an efficient toe-off without taking away from your natural stride.

Shot of rear portion of Altra Lone Peak 6, showing the Ego midsole.


We named it PRO for a reason. Introducing EGO™ PRO, our lightest foam designed to cushion you mile after fast mile.


The Vanish Carbon features our Slim FootShape™ Fit, designed to achieve a perfect race-day fit. This feature encourages your toes to relax and sit naturally giving you the power and stability you need for fast, long-distance runs.

We were obsessed making a carbon shoe that delivered on performance that carbon has brought to the long, fast run. But we were not going to sacrifice our commitment to our bodies working in harmony with our shoes.

17, our magic number. We made and tested 17 prototypes to get our first, true long-distance speed shoe. Each version better than the last. Each version more and more in tune with how our bodies run. Our overly obsessive commitment to discover new and innovative solutions, has resulted in the uniquely designed Vanish Carbon.

Shot of rear portion of Altra Lone Peak 6, showing the Ego midsole.

The Vanish Carbon is the intersection of performance and natural movement.

I love the carbon half-plate feature. Running in the Vanish Carbon is not only freeing but when the finish line comes into view, they help find that next gear.

The Vanish Carbon feels like all the things I love about my Altra trainers combined with the innovative performance elements of a race shoe. When I first put them on, I could feel my body soar into action, feeling capable and propelled forward with each step. These shoes helped elevate my training and racing game, all while staying true to all the Altra team and ethos we love.

Vanish Carbon Launch

Altra Running - Vanish Carbon Launch Video