The All-New

Via Olympus

Max Comfort Meet Road

Hit the road in the all-new VIA Olympus, featuring the same max cushion you love in our Olympus trail shoe. With Original Footshape Fit and rocker shape, every stride is more comfortable than the last.

man jumping over rocks
kneee down shot of via olympu

Soft Ride.

The all-new VIA Olympus is equipped with 33mm of Altra Ego™ MAX midsole, our highest stack height yet. This luxurious, lightweight foam is specifically designed for a plush ride. Experience max cushioned performance with a little extra bounce and impressive durability.

Stretch Out.

Give yourself plenty of room to run with our Original FootShape™ Fit. The all-new VIA Olympus provides just the right amount of space in the toe box for your toes to spread out, allowing for more natural foot movement. Stay comfortable on every road, for every mile, with every stride.

person tying up their shoe laces on an orange shag rug
runner leaning up against a railing outdoors stretching

Rocker On. Toe Off

Feel the propulsion with rocker shape. Experience a more efficient toe-off and the feeling of being propelled forward. Emphasize performance while maintaining a comfortable, natural stride.

Grab Some Comfort

people sitting on a bench trying on the new VIA Olympus