Men’s Stability Wedge


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MAXIMIZE SUPPORT AND STABILITY: The Altra Stability Wedge allows for flexible stability without pushing up into the arch and weakening the foot. Unlike traditional stability systems that only provide stability underneath the arch, the full-length 4 mm varus runs evenly from heel to toe to account for both early and late stage foot collapse.

Technical Specs

  • HOW TO USE: The Altra Stability Wedge should be placed underneath your insoles. Simply remove your current insoles, place the Stability Wedge in the shoe, and put your original insoles on top of the Stability Wedge.
    • Flat Feet
    • Late-Stage Over Pronation
    • Collapsed Arches and Ankles
    • Knock Knees
    • Excessive Q-Angles
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Knee and Hip Pain

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