Altra Warranty

At Altra, we stand behind our products and are glad to assist you if you have any issues with the quality of our shoes.

Altra provides a 300-500 mile warranty on any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase on shoes that were purchased from or an authorized Altra retailer. Altra warranty program does not cover defects due to improper fit, normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, alteration to the product, or negligence. Product covered by the Altra guarantee will be replaced at Altra’s discretion.

After receiving all required information for your claim, our customer service team will acknowledge your claim within 5 business days. Please allow 5-7 business days for determination of claim and 7-10 business days during peak holiday (Nov, Dec, Jan) season. If your claim is not covered by our guarantee, we will notify you of our decision.

*Failure to include any portion of the requested information may result in a significant delay or denial of your claim.

Copy and Paste Option: 

*All fields are required in order to process your claim. Failure to do so will result in a delay or denial of your claim.*



Subject line must contain: Altra Warranty

First Name:

Last Name:


Address (Please provide shipping address):



Zip Code:

Was this an ecom purchase:

Date of Purchase:

Style Number (10 characters inside tongue, Example: AL0A4VQO28O):

PO/Lot Number (6 digits inside tongue, Example: 508731):


Date Code (4 digits, Example: 12-20):


What kind of activities do you primarily use this product for:

Please tell us the defect you are experiencing:

Please include the following pictures (in jpeg format): the rubber out sole, the defective area, an overall picture of the shoes, a picture of the tag or sticker inside the tongue of the shoe, and a picture of the receipt if available.

If this claim is covered under our warranty policy, you will be sent a replacement. If the replacement is not in stock we will send a voucher to use on our website

What’s not covered?

The following are NOT covered by the Altra guarantee:

Fraying due to abuse

Deterioration as a result of water abuse

Sole wearing out or worn through

Color fade

Cuts, scratches, burns, etc.

Damage caused by negligence, misuse or alteration of products

Fit, Blisters, Comfort