Altra Elite Athlete, Ian Sharman, joins us to talk about setting records in costume and home workout ideas.




Ian Sharman discusses costume running

Ian Sharman is an accomplished ultrarunner, marathoner, and coach. Among other accomplishments, he has completed the prestigious Western States 100-mile Endurance Run 10 times, is the 4x winner of the Leadville 100-mile ultrarun, and is the record holder for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (4 of the original 100-mile trail races in as many months). He is a true master of the power hike and can hike faster than most of us can run uphill! In addition to running ultras, Sharman can hold his own on the road and is known for incorporating marathons and half marathons into his training to keep his leg speed on point. 


In this episode, Sharman joins us to talk about something a little out of the ordinary: costumed running. He has run a marathon in a costume on several occasions. His costumes of choice include Elvis Presley, Spider Man, and Santa Clause. In addition, he’ll share some of his tried and true home workout ideas. This should be a fun and insightful episode with one the most accomplished runners and coaches in our community, and his sense of humor is awesome to boot!


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