We look up to our dads. We appreciate the time we spend with them. 

And the truth is, they feel the same way. 

This Father’s Day, we’ve asked Altra R.E.D. Team members how being a dad has inspired them to push harder and go further, and what lessons they’re teaching their kids to navigate the roads and trails of life. 





Cliff Pittman with his family after a race



Cliff Pittman 

Altra R.E.D. Team Member 

My identity is deeply rooted in being both a father and a runner. They are two roles I take great pride in yet are also one in the same. Lessons I learn from one often apply to the other. 

As a father and runner, it opens so many opportunities to connect and set a good example. My kids love to run with me, and they get to witness my 4am wakeups for training, discipline to make healthy food choices, and prioritize good habits such as adequate rest. They see the commitment, consistency, the trials, and the fruits of my labor when everything comes together in a race. In a way, they share in those “personal” victories of PRs and goal achievements and how to process and grow from failed attempts. They also get to be a part of the local tribes and community of like-minded runners, striving to be their best. They observe a powerful process and can make applications to aspects of their own lives. 

In this picture, I ran a solo 50-miler, during the pandemic, on Halloween 2020. My kids dressed up and provided aid and shared some miles with me. My oldest, Hunter, even dressed up as me—a sponsored Altra Athlete! My 4-year-old, Trek, says, “I’m fast, just like daddy!” 

The beauty lies within the legacy being built for generations to come. Running isn’t just a hobby in our household. As a full-time coach, it isn’t just a profession either, but a lifestyle that leverages a healthy vehicle to reach personal and spiritual growth as a family. Nothing brings me more honor than to see them live out the values I attempt to exemplify as their father! 



Luis Coco in his Altra RED Team kit with his daughter and son



Luis Coco 

Altra R.E.D. Team Member 

Being a father is one of my favorite roles in life.  

I am happy to combine my love for my children with my love for running and it has been an exciting journey for my entire family. My son Lucas, 11 years old, and my daughter Zailey who just turned five, have always known their dad to be a runner. 

From their baby days, tagging along for a ride in the jogging stroller with myself and my wife to their own race adventures, running has been a family activity for their entire lives. Each year they look forward to our local Turkey Trots, runDisney races, taking on their important roles as crew for my 100-mile races or as volunteers at our events. Running is more than just exercise for me and my family; it is a community that we love to be a part of together. 

I have always tried to impart to my kids the fun and love of adventure and exploration on foot. Running and hiking have provided opportunities for them to share the discovery of so many unique places as they gain confidence in their own abilities and fitness. 

As a dad, running has helped me navigate parenthood and share a common bond with my kids. Through my own hard work and dedication, I am able to set an example as I also empower them and lead them to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  

I am grateful and lucky to be able to share my love for running with my family and hope it will inspire my kids to be brave, bold, and ready to take on any adventure life may throw their way. 



Keston Tremmel with his son after his son's first running race



Keston Trammell 

Altra R.E.D. Team Member 

I have looked forward to running with my kids ever since I started running. Most recently I was able to run a local 5k which included a fun run for kids. My son was hesitant and afraid to run until he saw the trophy that Dad would get, and he wanted to earn an award too. I got the opportunity to line up with him, cheer him on through his first race, and watch him get that medal. To see him light up with excitement made my day and has been the highlight of all my running. 

Running teaches us more about ourselves and life than almost anything else. That is what I want to share with my kids. I want them to learn that if they want something, they can work hard, go for it, and accomplish more than they ever imagined.  

Life isn't lived from one medal or trophy to the next but the lessons we learn in the middle of those pursuits. It was awesome watching my son conquer his fear and going after something he really wanted. 



Gray Riley with his daughter after a run



Gray Riley 

Altra R.E.D. Team Member 

My son...he and I....we football. We travel to games in the fall and obsess about it the rest of the year. It’s our connection.  

Izzy...she and I....we run.  

What started five years ago with a fun run and a daddy/daughter date quickly turned into a shared love for the sport. Running has become a common point and mutual outlet for us as she's grown. It has afforded us the opportunity to chase goals as she now competes and I'm able to coach. It has provided an avenue to learn about perseverance and pushing ourselves through tough times. Most importantly, it has provided us with our own "it" when we need to reboot and reset. I've learned that there's not much you can't work through when out for a good run. It may take two...but I’m not complaining. I'll take all the time I can get with her. That's the beauty of lacing up and heading out the door.  

The memories that the miles have provided are priceless. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It's my hope they've had half of the impact on her that they’ve had on me. 



Worth Corn running on a road with his son



Worth Corn 

Altra R.E.D. Team Member 

Running has been a great outlet for me for several years, allowing me to clear my mind, burn off stress, and appreciate nature and the world around me. My son, now 7, has watched me lace up and go all his life. 

He joins me on some runs, and I love it when he does. We use run/walk intervals and enjoy the time together. Most of our running is recreational, though we have done a few family 5Ks. I think he appreciates being on the trails more than the roads—something about trees and dirt. On the roads, he’s more likely to bike along while I run. 

A lot of my running has been driven by an effort to be healthier, both for myself and for my family. I hope to spark an interest in him in being active, healthy, and outdoors, whatever he gets into—and for him to know that he is capable of pushing beyond challenges.  

Of course, I’d love the running bug to bite him too—at least until he really hits his stride and leaves his old man in the dust.