"I found my stride when I chose my own course."







From the course to the courtroom, Altra Athlete Amelia Boone is all business. She’s a four-time obstacle racing world champion, has collected over 50 obstacle race podiums, an ultrarunner, and a full-time corporate attorney. And somehow, she made the time to find her stride. Now, she shares how she did it, the challenges she faced, and some ways to help you find yours.

Amelia Boone

Tell us about how you were able to find your stride:  

I found my stride when I started to own all of my experience, and all parts of myself. Instead of trying to morph myself into the type of person I thought I *should* be, I embraced who I actually am, and chose my own course accordingly.

How do you incorporate it beyond running and into your everyday life? 

I'm committed to doing what feels authentic and true to me, both in running and in life. In running, this means choosing races that truly excite my soul, not ones that I think I *should* do. It means embracing that I may need to train differently than other runners because of my health history, and being ok with that. In life, it means living according to my values.  

You have been an inspiration for speaking up about your struggles. What has speaking up about them taught you in the process? 

I've learned that we are only as sick as our secrets. By speaking up, by sharing, we create connection and community and compassion for others. I've learned the struggle is nothing to be ashamed of; It's part of life, and the more we speak about it, the less alone we feel. 

What advice would you give to other athletes to help them find their stride? 

Check in and see what excites your soul. What makes you tick? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Where do you love the process? What brings you joy? Honing in on these helped me find my stride. 

What’s your favorite shoe to help maintain it? 

The Altra Timp 2 is my go-to!

Make the Timp 2 your go-to, too