“I found my stride when I realized my purpose is to be a voice and an advocate for my relatives and all people.”







Altra Athlete, Jordan Marie Daniel, is fueled by her passion for people and running. A fourth-generation runner, Jordan is a citizen of Kul Wicasa Oyate, an advocate, and social activist. She found her stride when she realized the importance of being a voice for her relatives and all people. Jordan uses her running platform to help raise awareness of missing and murdered Indigenous peoples. Here, she shares how she found her calling and shares some words of inspiration on how you can find your stride too.

Alysia Montano running

Tell us about how you were able to find your stride: 

I found my stride because it is in my blood—to be a runner. I found my stride to run for me and represent the communities I come from for our next generations of runners. I found my stride to advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous womxn, girls, two spirits, and relatives. 

How do you incorporate it beyond running and into your everyday life? 

I advocate, organize and fight for my relatives and our communities every day and it intersects perfectly with my running, giving it new purpose, to continue to raise awareness and expand these discussions and bring in support for these initiatives. 

You are embarking on a pray run relay starting in Bears Ears and ending in Salt Lake City. Can you tell us the impetus for this? 

This 330-mile prayer run is our way in offering prayers for our Indigenous relatives and communities that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Ten runners will be running this journey in prayer and relay style to connect with the sacred lands we run on, honor our relatives and raise awareness for our communities combating this virus.  

What advice would you give to other athletes to help them find their stride? 

Take that first stride out the door—whether it's for 5 minutes or over an hour, connect with your mind, body, and spirit as you run and find your stride. You will eventually find your stride and its purpose, whether it's for health and wellness or to raise awareness of what you're passionate about—and it will be that much more meaningful, fun, and fulfilling. 

What’s your favorite shoe to help maintain it? 

My favorite shoes are the Lone Peak 4.5, Provision 4, and the Torin 4.5 Plush.