“I found my stride when I realized running is about so much more than competing”







Altra Athlete Kara Goucher is a professional in every sense of the word, both as a runner and as a person. As an Olympian, a mother, a wife, advocate, and an inspirational speaker, she found her stride when she realized that running is about so much more than competing. It’s about friendship and empowerment. Here, she shares how she came to that realization and offers some insight on how you can find your stride too.

Kara Goucher running

Tell us about how you were able to find your stride: 

I found my stride by realizing that running was about so much more than competition. It’s about friendship, empowerment, and community.

How do you incorporate it beyond running and into your everyday life?  

Realizing that there is more to running made my running so much richer. The friendships formed after a hard run or race are so strong. The empowerment of pushing my body to do something I never thought I could do. Watching other women learn they are stronger than they thought. It has really changed what running is for me. It really is about connecting with others and my inner self. 

How are you finding your stride every day with work and at home learning for your son?

Honestly, without running, I don’t think I could do everything else! Running grounds me and prepares me for the day ahead. It reminds me on a daily basis that I am strong and that I can do hard things. I have more to offer than I thought. Running in the morning helps me to start the day with a positive outlook.  

What advice would you give to other athletes to help them find their stride?  

Stop worrying about time and pace or how far you go. Get out there because you can. Release yourself from expectation. Feel the joy that is running in your own personal stride and journey. When you let go of the pressure, the friendships and strength just come naturally. 

What’s your favorite shoe to help maintain it?

100% the Paradigm 5. I can’t love a shoe more, it’s impossible! It is so versatile—it can go road or trail. The foot bed feels supportive without being too much and even though it can handle a lot, the shoe still has a responsive feel. My favorite shoe ever!!

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