“I found my stride when I finally learned to trust my own decisions.”







Running. Parenting. Podcasting. Tina does it all for REAL. She’s the founder and owner of Running For Real, host of the Running For Real podcast, and is a former elite athlete. Why former? Because she chose to listen to herself, face her struggles, and trust her decisions. None were easy to do, but all were worth it. Here’s how she found her stride how she can help you find yours.

Tina Muir running

Tell us about how you were able to find your stride:  

After years of people pleasing and allowing others’ opinions to seep into my consciousness, I finally learned to trust in myself, primarily that gut instinct that had been there all along, but I had ignored. Once I started to trust my own decisions, I noticed I felt happier, healthier, and at peace. I could sleep better, enjoy life more, and be confident in what I had accomplished, rather than constantly chasing the next thing.

How do you incorporate it beyond running and into your everyday life?  

In the past I would make my decisions after overthinking them and worrying what everyone else would think. Now, although I still think through my decisions, I often go with the gut feeling, the first thought that comes into my mind. It has served me well and gives me confidence to continue to do so. When it comes to incorporating all the areas of my life, finding my stride has meant that I can treat myself with the kindness I would give to others. In the past, I thought the more I pushed myself in every area of my life, the better I would be, the more I would achieve. Now I see, more is not necessarily better, and often, stepping back is what I need to do to appreciate how far I have come.


It is #internationalpodcastday and of course, you have a very inspirational and influential podcast. What has it taught you over the years?

That every single person struggles with insecurities, with confidence, with the belief that they are enough. Often, we put people we look up to on a pedestal, thinking they are invincible and can do no wrong, but the vulnerability in others, showing all parts of themselves is what really attracts us to them. It has taught me that the more honest, open, and vulnerable we can be, the more we can all see that we are out there together, trying to do the best we can, and that is all we can ask for. 

What advice would you give to other athletes to help them find their stride?  

It’s cliche, but trust your gut. It knows the answers, you know the answer. It is not always easy to listen to that voice inside, especially when society and the rest of your world may be telling you to stay down, be quiet, don’t rock the boat. But speaking your truth, who you really are, will empower you in a way you never knew possible, and that will give you the confidence to not only help yourself, but to inspire others to do the same.

What’s your favorite shoe to help maintain it? 

I love the Provisions. Comfortable, supportive, and kind.

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