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No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you can find your stride. This Women’s Equality Day, we're encouraging women everywhere to seek out the greatness within themselves, beginning with some of our female Altra athletes, who are so much more than athletes.

Find Your Stride Woman Running

Finding your stride goes well beyond running. It happens every time we choose to make a change in the world around us. One hundred years ago today, women won a battle for change that was 72 years in the making. Their perseverance changed voting for the better. It gave us all the chance to exercise our voice and to make that voice heard.

As we celebrate Women's Equality Day, we want to pay homage to the women who broke those barriers for us. And we want to encourage all women to find their own path, find their own unique voice, find their own way to lift up the women around them until we are all truly equal.

It's easy to see running as a great equalizer. All you need is shoes, right? But in reality, women have faced a daunting uphill climb—from finding their voice, finding their own path, to finding the podium. And it's thanks to fearless female trailblazers that women have made such great strides. Like Alice Coachman, the first Black American woman to stand on an Olympic podium, and the first to garner a professional endorsement contract. And Katharine Switzer who snuck her way into the Boston Marathon to prove that we're worthy of the challenge. And of course, Kara Goucher and Alysia Montano for standing up for the right to be both a mother and an elite athlete.

This Women's Equality Day, we're kicking off our Find Your Stride initiative, encouraging women everywhere to seek out the greatness within themselves. To choose their own course, pave their own path and create their own victories. Follow along in the coming weeks as we unveil how our female athletes found their stride. We'll be sharing their stories on Instagram and getting more in-depth here on the blog. We also want to know how you found your stride. Share your photo and your story on Instagram with #FindYourStride.