Social media would have most of us believe that showing up for running is easy. That showing up is lacing your shoes and getting out the door before the rest of your day starts. But for a lot of us, that isn't always the reality.


For a lot of us, showing up is running right before bed because you didn't wake up for the alarm clock like you said you would. It's putting on the same shirt for the third day in a row because you didn't have time to do the laundry. It's walking the hill on the route you run every day because you didn't have the energy to run it. These things don't make anyone less of a runner - what makes you a runner is simple, it's showing up.  





This year for Global Running Day, Altra is partnering with Erin Azar (AKA Mrs. Space Cadet) and asking you to share with us how you show up for running—the good, the bad, the funny, the embarrassing—using the hashtag #IShowUp on social media.


Altra Global Running Day 2022

Altra Global Running Day 2022

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running taking place on June 1st this year. This day is focused around encouraging all runners of every background to show up and get moving. This 2022 celebration is especially important coming out of the past two years where many individuals turned to running for mental health. This year, this celebration is focusing on coming together and reflecting on the challenges we have endured as a community.

Together, with Erin, we want to shine a light on the realities of running. From detailing the awkwardness of passing walkers at the same pace and showing off her daily running outfits that you wouldn’t find in a running magazine, Erin and Altra want to empower those who don’t think they are fast enough, fit enough, or dedicated enough to call themselves runners. When in reality, all it takes to call yourself a runner is to show up.

On Global Running Day, June 1st Show us how you show up for running with the hashtag #IShowUp on social media.