Cross Training and HIIT Shoes for Runners

Incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training - HIIT - into your workout has been proven to increase endurance, strengthen important muscles, and improve overall performance. Adding HIIT workouts and other cross-training exercises can be a great way to up your running game and get yourself closer to whatever our running goals may be.

When looking for running shoes, you want to look for shoes that are built for the way your foot moves while running. But, if you are planning to start cross-training or adding HIIT workouts, then your running shoes might not be built for the different types of movement. But how do you find the best shoes for HIIT workouts and cross training?





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What HIIT Shoes Need

The best shoes for HIIT workouts are shoes that focus on four core factors: fit, stability, support, and cushioning.



With all the different types of movement you do with HIIT exercises, fit is of the utmost importance. The best shoes will fit snug enough to feel secure, but still allow your feet to move naturally as you perform different tasks. They shouldn’t be too tight, but alternatively, shouldn’t slide around with each step.



Most HIIT exercises have you moving quickly and in a variety of movements and positions. It is important to feel confident that your shoes will give you the stable base you need to properly perform workouts and avoid injury.



Cross-training requires multi-directional support - including for the top of your foot. Shoes for HIIT and cross training need to allow you to run, jump, twist, move, and more in rapid succession. You need shoes that support the full range of motion your exercises can take you through.



Cushioning is about more than just comfort. While running shoes focus on ample cushing to protect your feet, too much cushion in cross trainers can lead to less traction. It is important to find shoes that focus on strategic cushioning that is designed to move with your feet.



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Importance of Good Training Shoes

It’s no secret that picking the right shoes can have a huge effect on your workout. Whether you’re running on the trail, cross training in the gym, or just getting out there for the first time, the shoes we choose set the stage for the success of our workouts. Just like any type of exercise equipment, it is important to buy buy and use shoes for their intended purpose. While running shoes are great on the road, they don’t always provide all the necessary support and stability you need to successfully perform HIIT workouts. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can lead to injury, including strains and fractures.


Benefits of Cross-Training with HIIT

Whether you run with a goal in mind, or just run to get yourself out there, cross-training can be a great way to make your run stronger and more enjoyable. However, not everyone always has time to add an extra couple of hours to their regimen. That’s why HIIT workouts are an ideal way to round out your workout.

Most HIIT exercises are quick, meaning they don’t require a large time commitment in order to achieve results. HIIT workouts focus on intensity, leading to increased calorie burning in just a short amount of time. Additionally, HIIT is proven to improve muscle building of core muscles, which are proven to help improve running performance.


Finding the Right HIIT Training Shoes

The right training shoe for HIIT or overall cross-training is one that takes all of the above into account in order to give you the right start to your workout. The shoe you choose is dependent on your goals and how you plan to incorporate HIIT into your regimen. If you’re looking for a shoe developed for runners with the intent to add in cross-training. Look no further than our SolsticeXT2 Repulse.



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From cross-training to treadmill—The Solstice XT 2 is ready for it all.

Women's Solstice XT 2 in Black


The caged rubber upper encourages a more secure fit and a firmer construction that encourages lateral movement support.

Our InnerFlex™ technology provides grid-like grooves in the midsole that are designed to provide flexibility and encourage natural movement.

Our signature FootShape™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences in men's and women's feet.

No matter what workout you are doing, the shoes can make all the difference. Shop our new Solstice XT 2 Repulse today.