By Jordan Daniel 

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021 is on October 11th. Altra Elite Athlete, Jordan Daniel, is celebrating by running and sharing virtually with those that have signed up for the Rising Hearts – Indigenous Peoples’ Day virtual 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon. Jordan has signed up for all 3 distances – the trifecta option.  

“Any way to increase visibility of Indigenous Peoples’ and to give back to the amazing heart working organizations and communities that Rising Hearts donates to and supports. This is where my love of running intersects with advocacy of the things, I care most about through a creative platform in cultivating community to be more informed and an ally.” 

Read Jordan’s blog to learn more about Indigenous Peoples’ Day and to sign up for the Rising Hearts – Indigenous Peoples’ Day virtual 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon.





Jordan Daniel holding a sign for the Rising Hearts races




I’m a fourth-generation runner. Running is in my family, in my blood, it’s tradition, it’s healing, it’s ceremony, and it’s community. Running has been my way to reconnect with myself, the lands, and my surroundings. It’s been my outlet for healing and to process what’s going in my life. I’ve always protected my running and have compartmentalized it from all of what is going in my life, personally and professionally. For so many Indigenous runners and communities, it’s in our blood, history, and part of our ceremonies. We run to carry prayers, carry messages, to honor, and even to run our prey to exhaustion. Running is a beautiful way for us to prioritize our own wellbeing, push ourselves, learn patience, learn the many lessons running can teach us, but it also encompasses a beautiful community.  

While the running and outdoor world still has a transformation to go through, to be truly more supportive, safe, and inclusive – that process has begun. Many runners – long-time runners to new runners – are bringing new purpose, beyond just running a fast time or hitting a certain health goal, to their runs.  Running has become more intentional, more purposeful, and even more prayerful for myself, and for my many relatives that run in prayer. Running not only shows a physical and transformative journey, it also tells stories.  Stories of those who have no voice anymore, stories of those who don’t get the visibility they should, and stories to increase the amplification of knowledge sharing.  This is why, for me, as a community organizer and race organizer, I create virtual runs to honor, celebrate, amplify, fundraise, and create pathways for people to become allies and learn something new from the run that’s being organized. 

That is why – this year, we have our 2nd Annual Indigenous Peoples’ virtual 5k, 10k, Half Marathon again! We are amplifying and making donations to Stop Line 3, Wambli Ska, Rising Hearts and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizing Committee of Newton. We’ve been able to raise over $200k that has been donated to over 17 organizations and over 15 individuals that are organizers, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives family members and advocates doing the heart work. And we want you to be part of it with us! 



Jordan Daniel Running in a tie-dye shirt and black shorts




Recognizing Indigenous existence and honoring Ancestral lives and their sacrifices.



Indigenous Peoples are still here – with their resilient voices and heart.



Creating a future for the next generations to come.


To acknowledge the past and what Indigenous people have had to experience to be here today. We celebrate the present existence of Indigenous people and all the good medicine we bring to our relatives and to the lands. As we look ahead –we have the opportunity to dismantle current systems of oppression and racism and rebuild a better, visible future! Our relatives across Turtle Island (North America) are sharing so much of their heart work to support their communities and build a future for our next generations. This virtual race is to bring and call people in – to support Indigenous People, uplift the real history and stories, their strength, and their resilience – because we are still here! We are thriving. We are here on the reservations, in urban cities and rural towns. A majority of our Indigenous populations live off the reservation. Our history and connection to the lands pre-date the naming of trails, mountains, public lands and National Parks. 

There are 574 federally recognized Sovereign Nations (Tribes, Nations, Bands, Pueblos, communities, and Villages) and roughly 66+ State recognized Nations that all have their own form of governance, but please remember, our existence, is in our blood and doesn’t conform to the colonial constructs that give us our identity. Due to genocide, so many of our relatives were taken – once thriving in high numbers, we are now among the minority and invisible. But that is changing as so many Indigenous folx are emerging with their voice, presence and heart to create a better future for our next generations. 

As we are in the fight for justice, visibility and respect – to be seen, heard, and supported across all our movements, the call for renaming and replacing the very things that uphold and celebrate colonialism, genocide, white supremacy and racism – are being removed, one by one.  



Jordan Daniel sitting on an oversized Adirondak chair, tying a pair of Altra Rivera running shoes.




OCTOBER 11, 2021

Indigenous Peoples' Day is a day that is replacing the holiday known as Columbus Day across many cities and states but has yet to change federally.  This celebration of Columbus – who accidentally discovered Turtle Island (North America) and the islands in the Caribbean – back with the 300th year anniversary of this 1492 “discovery” in 1792. For generations, Native people have opposed this holiday and recognition that celebrates the genocide of our ancestors and the systemic oppression and racism that it created that Native, Black, Brown, Immigrant, Asian, Muslim, Two Spirit, LGBTQ+ and Non-Binary people feel today and People with disabilities. 

Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes our existence, history, culture and traditions that pre-date contact. In 2015, over 6,000 Native people and allies came together on Randall’s Island in New York - Lenapehoking lands, to honor and recognize the survival of Indigenous Peoples in the Western Hemisphere. One by one, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is replacing Columbus Day. Indigenous voices are rising. They are being seen, heard, and centered. Let’s continue this support and amplification – and let’s have Indigenous Peoples control the narrative of our culture and history that is not accurately depicted in school textbooks and on the trails! Join us in this movement – collaborate and organize in your own town to replace the holiday! Click here to view how many states and cities recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day! 

Please sign up to join our virtual run – you can sign up for one distance or all three, options to purchase stickers, purchase a Running on Native Lands – Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Every day shirt, make a donation only or purchase entries to donate to runners in need.  

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About the Author

Jordan Daniel was born and raised in both Lower Brule and Chamberline, SD, belonging to the Lakota tribe. Upon moving to the east coast as a child, Daniel experienced racism and discrimination and found advocating and running as an outlet to combat these experiences.  

Now as a professional runner for Altra Running Elite Team and founder of the Rising Hearts organization, she continues to represent Indigenous and the BIPOC community as a voice for diversity, inclusivity and justice for the Indigenous, Black, and Brown communities demanding justice, visibility and respect for all. 

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