Intro To Trail Running With Alexi Pappas


Altra has paired up with our elite athlete, Alexi Pappas to bring the world of trail running to every runner. Our goal is to inspire road runners to have the confidence to take on the trails along with showcasing how easy it is to get out there.

We are challenging every runner to explore new routes and experience new abilities in the world of trail. Getting off the pavement is easier than you think, Welcome to Trail Running.





Intro to Trail Running with Alexi Pappas

Intro to Trail Running with Alexi Pappas

1. Finding a Trail

First off, you must find a trail to start trail running. Trails can be a lot closer than you think and come in all types of terrain. They don't have to be rugged, steep and rocky. A trail can be a soft grassy field, a dirt path along a park, and so much more. A trail is anywhere with soft surfaces!

Alexi Pappas Out on the Trail

2. Switching Up How You Measure Your Run.

When switching from road to trail running, one of the biggest and most helpful changes can be how you track and measure your run. Instead of measuring your pace, try to keep to distance or duration of time to really be able to enjoy the adventure and everything around you on the trails. It's okay to walk up the hill or slow down when needed.

Alexi Pappas Wearing the Outroad

3. Become a Trail Runner

There is no degree to measure if you are a trail runner or not. All you need to do is find a soft surface and get on it. Getting out there for a few miles or a few minutes is all that matters.

Women's Outroad - Red/Orange