Becoming your best self

With Keely Henninger


What happens when we stop using the term “runner” to define ourselves? When we realize we can become the best versions of ourselves and as an athlete at the same time. 




The Importance of Fueling | Altra Running

The Importance of Fueling | Altra Running

Elite athlete Keely Henninger details her journey to finding balance in her running career while taking us through her recent Western States 100 race. She explains the importance of breaking the narrative that over training and under fueling are the keys to success and just how important it is to find yourself outside of just being a runner.  


Keely admits that during the beginning of her running career she was not training in ways that would allow her to reach her full potential as both an athlete and an individual. Focusing too much on pushing her limits in training and not enough on fueling her body properly or taking care of herself outside of running. Since then, Keely has found ways to break the mold runners feel they are made to fit into and created her own path working to become the best version of herself.  

Keely's Shoe of Choice

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