Altra Running was founded on an innovative approach to running shoes.

An approach that was born in a running store and took us to the front of the pack on roads and trails across the world. An approach that aims to keep you running for a lifetime.

That approach to innovation propels us into the future as we explore and expand into new categories of product solutions.

Our innovation space where engineers, designers and athletes converge to study and understand how our bodies work in harmony with our products on the road and the trail.


We are committed to the study of human biomechanics and physiology and using that information to help improve the way our bodies move and perform in harmony with our products. Our engineers and designers work with elite athletes and state-of-the-art research and development technology to provide data and analytics that provide the foundation for innovation within Altra Running.


We have an obsessive drive to constantly discover new and innovative solutions to augmenting and improving human performance. We explore how a precise shoe fit can potentially improve speed and agility. We approach carbon-plated shoes, not as fundamentally altering the natural running movement, but working in harmony with how bodies were designed to run. We've created three innovative foam compounds that offer different levels of responsiveness and return that can impact performance on the road or the trail.


Footshape™ is in the DNA of Altra Running...and it will be in the DNA of every Altra shoe. We understand there are different types of performance needs that require different types of fits. All Altra Running® shoes feature one of our three signature Footshape™ Fits. Designed to address fit from heel to toe box, this allows your toes to relax and sit naturally, giving you a more comfortable run.

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