Altra x Still I Run

Mental health is a topic that impacts every person in their own unique way. It is a part of life that we've all encountered at one point or another. Many of us find solace in activities such as running, hiking, or simply just getting out there to reconnect with the world around us. 




Altra prioritizes the human experience and strives to be a pillar of support for those around us. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Still I Run and elite athlete Alexi Papas. Tune in as she shares her journey with mental health struggles and how she has shown up for herself throughout her running career in a three-part video series.  


Help us break the stigma around mental health and join us virtually on January 1st for the Breaking the Stigma in Stride 5k.  

The Importance of Fueling | Altra Running

The Importance of Fueling | Altra Running