4 people running in a field

Western States 2023

Our four athletes are ready to take on Western States – June 24th-25th.



Camp for Western States 2023

Altra athletes training for the Western States race

We asked our athletes what they’re most excited about and expecting in the days leading up to this iconic 2023 race day.

man running up a fire scarred trail
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Ryan Montgomery

“This year’s Western States is a crescendo moment in my ultra-running journey. After acquiring some WSER Golden Tickets (and a few injuries later), this will be my first Western States start line! 😅 💥 My goal on June 24 is to race smart & controlled, and I hope that yields a podium finish.

Also, I’m really motivated to use my race performance as an opportunity to have a conversation on the continued issues facing queer, non-binary, and trans athletes. I’m running for them—who don’t have the ease of access to race and be visible at Western States and on other trails. 🌈 🏃♀️” Ryan
woman running in a sports bra in the hot sun
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Nicole Bitter

“Western States is a compilation of memories for me, as this is my eighth time toeing the starting line. When I reflect, the race is also deeply personal---- it feels intrinsically intertwined with so many of the seasons of my life. Stepping onto the racecourse, I can’t help but think about some of the winter times of heartbreak and challenges I was experiencing on 2015 race day, but also the summer moments of finding love and moving forward that I felt during the run in 2017. There is nothing like a 100-mile race to give you all the emotions, and I always run through this book of memories when I race Western States. During this year’s run, I will have a smile as I think back over the memories--- how far I have come, as well as all the miles to come.” Nicole
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drenched man running through a burn scar in a forest

JP Giblin

“I found community and a sense of belonging through ultra-running. Through this sport I was able to process a very difficult time discharging from the military and entering back into civilian life. The trails became special and the people I met gave me a sense of purpose and belonging again. I hope to inspire others, especially veterans, to keep taking the next step no matter how hard it may seem. That is what ultra-running is about to me. I am extremely grateful that I have the privilege to run this legendary race. I am going to give it everything I have and with all the people I have in my corner I know it will be an amazing day.” JP
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Keely Henninger

“I am so grateful to be back toeing the line of the Western States 100 after all that transpired over the last year. Fires destroyed a lot of the course and rocked the local community last summer and every step I take on the course I will think of them and the volunteers who have worked so hard to repair the damage. I also can’t wait to get another shot this year after having to pull out at Michigan Bluff last year due to injury. My injury felt devastating and unfair at the time, but it taught me more about myself and my weaknesses, allowed me to build more mental resilience, and lit an even brighter fire inside me to finish what I started last year. It is so important to listen to yourself, treat your body with respect, and trust yourself so that you can truly run your best. I can’t wait to join some of the best athletes in the world for 100 glorious, hot, and dusty miles at the end of June! 💃” Keely