When Did You Fall in Love With Running?

Athletes write their love stories with running.

Nothing is better than a classic "how did you meet" love story. But some love stories aren't about finding a person - they're about finding a passion. For our Altra athletes, their love of running is one that pushes them to go further and inspires them to face new obstacles. Read their meet-cutes with running and how it helped them discover a new passion.





"I knew I loved running the moment I realized I could do it for the joy and sweaty goodness of moving my body in nature, discovering amazing green spaces I couldn't get to by car, and meeting parts of myself I never knew existed. "

- Kriste Peoples

"I first fell in love with running when I was living in Alaska during my middle school years. I remember running trails along the waterfront and falling in love to the sound of my footsteps, the waves hitting the beach, and the animals in the forest."

- Ryan Montgomery

"My grandpa, who was my absolute idol, took me to my first race when I was 6 years old. I loved running so much! The way my chest hurt but the thrill of living on that edge and pushing so hard! I was hooked early on."

- Kara Goucher

"I watched my dad finish his first (and only) marathon back when I was 8 years old. I cried when he crossed the finish line because I was so proud."

- Alexi Pappas

"My senior high school cross-country coach really leaned into making sure we were aware of and doing the right things to improve. I knew then I wanted running to be in my life in some shape or form forever."

- Zach Bitter

"Falling in love with running happened when I realized running was for me, not for a prize, not for validation, not because someone else wanted me to do it, but because I enjoyed it."

- Alysia Montano

"I joined the track team in fifth grade because the girl I had a crush on at the time signed up. That didn't end up working out, but she did lead me to find my love for running."

- Frank Lara

"I first fell in love with running when I was 13. My mom and I would go on little adventures, exploring the trails and new areas around town. I learned so much on these runs with her. It was a wonderful way to spend quality time together in the outdoors."

- Corinna Coffin

"I first fell in love with running while was growing up in Pennsylvania. Our house was built on 30 acres that backed up to a beautiful forest and cornfields. I loved running around our property."

- Meredith Edwards

"I have been running for close to thirty years, so I have fallen in and out of love with running a number of times. For me, running is like seasons, and I often find my passion for the sport may alter depending on other aspects of life."

- Nicole Bitter

"Playing football and basketball growing up, the punishment for mistakes was always to run laps. I'd typically enjoy running laps and my coaches realized it was not really punishment for me. I shortly after joined track and cross country. "

- Justin Grunewald