Zach Bitter Does it Again

Same distance. Different environment. Same result.



When it comes to 100-mile running, don’t mess with Zach Bitter. 

Just last year the Altra Elite Athlete attempted—and completed—the 100-mile world record on a track (and then kept running to clinch the 12-hour record, too). So 100-mile challenges are nothing new to Mr. Bitter.

Zach Bitter WR Photo Collage

But what was different was the environment.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Bitter, like all other runners, has had all of his races canceled or postponed. So, like all athletes do, he improvised and took on the treadmill for an impressive 100 miles. 

The result? 

100 miles. 12 hours, nine minutes, and 15 seconds. That equates to seven minutes, 18 seconds per mile. The equivalent of four marathons, one after the other, in around 3 hours each.  

Obviously, this is no easy feat. So we hosted a Facebook Live with Zach and his wife Nicole (who crewed him for this event) to get more information on the preparation, the challenges, the frustrations, and the pains that go into attempting and completing a world record as impressive as this one.

Congratulations, Zach! We can’t wait to see what’s up next for you.




Watch the Altra FB Live recap of the event to learn more.

Torin 4

Torin 4

Zach wore the Torin 4 Plush for his treadmill world record, a shoe that is luxuriously plush and cushioned, yet provides natural and free foot movement.

Escalante Racer

Escalante Racer

For his warmup, (yes, he did a warmup!), Zach wore the Escalante Racer, a race-tuned shoe that is lightweight and fast.