Callum Neff


Houston, TX




Road Marathon & Ultra

Calum started running at the age of four years old at the 1988 Cajun Cup 1km. Originally born in Aberdeen, Scotland to Canadian parents, Calum grew up all over the world, living in England, Thailand, Australia, and back-and-forth between the USA and Canada. He now resides in Houston, Texas. 

His wife, Julie, and three girls, Alessandra, Holland, and Maya, have helped define Calum’s running career after a series of Guinness World Records pushing his daughters in the stroller. He is a diverse runner, competing in all distances on all terrains in a single year, from speed on the track to grueling ultras in the mountains and everything in-between.  

Calum has also been coaching for over 15 years and operates his own training programs online and locally through Hardloop Endurance.

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  • Canadian National 50k Record Holder (2:51:27) 

  • Member of Canadian National Teams: 

    • 2013 Mountain Running – Poland 

    • 2015 Mountain Running – Wales 

    • 2017 50k Trail – Italy 

    • 2017 50k Road - China (2nd Place) 

    • 2019 50k Road - Romania (2:57, 16th) 

  • Guinness World Records: 

    • Marathon Pushing Stroller, 2:31:21 

    • Half Marathon Pushing Stroller, 1:11:27 

    • 10k Pushing Stroller, 31:43 

    • 24h Treadmill Relay, 394.76km 

  • Comrades: 

    • 2018 Down Run, 6:08:06 

    • 2019 Up Run, 6:18:25 

  • Marathon Project Pacer (2:20:37) 

  • 2019 

    • Toronto Waterfront Marathon, 2:20:44 (11th Canadian Olympic Trials) 

    • IAU 50km World Championships (Romania), 2:57, 16th 

    • 5,000m Track, 14:39 

    • Houston Aramco Half Marathon: 1:07:22 

    • Houston HARRA Spring Runner of the Season 

    • Brazos Bend 50k Trail: 2:59:00 Course Record 

    • RRCA Texas State 5k Champion 

  • 2018 

    • The Woodlands Marathon Champion 

    • Runner’s World Festival Grand Slam Champion 

    • RRCA Texas State 25k Champion 

    • RRCA Regional Half Marathon Champion 

    • RRCA National 10k Champion 

    • Crescent City Classic 10k: 31:36 

    • Houston Marathon (2015), 2:22:59

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How fast do you think you could run a backwards mile?
Faster than any other Altra athlete, hey-o! 
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What is one of your most memorable non-competition runs?

My first ultra-marathon (first time running more than ~35km) was for a mitochondria disease charity event called "Running on Empty" where I joined an incredible group for 55km through the Canadian Rockies. It was seven hours of mountain single-track, and I got to watch the sunrise from a summit, all with great company. 

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If you had to pick one race or event this year that you anticipate will be your most proud achievement or moment, which one would it be and why? Do you have a special connection?

Creating my own ultra-event to break the 30-year-old Canadian National 50k record while also watching many of my athletes accomplish their own goals (two qualified for Team USA) was an extremely fulfilling and defining moment for me.  

I think this style of creating my own events, making my own opportunities happen, this year will continue and I'm especially excited for a top-secret Altra event to launch some top-secret shoes later this year. While virtual events continue it can be a good opportunity, with some planning and creativity, to put together unique routes and goals we couldn't normally do.  

If real-life racing returns, I'm hoping to run my first ever Chicago Marathon with a goal of under 2:18. Chicago was the very last trip I took before the pandemic started, my daughter Holland and I visited Fleet Feet stores to meet runners, share our world record story, and demo new Altra shoes. It started a special connection with Chicago (she's a huge Bulls fan now!). After that father-daughter trip and it would be great for that to be our first trip to come full circle in this crazy world we've been living in lately. 

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What is your favorite event to watch that you don’t participate in?

The Red Bull X-Alps is a hike and fly (paragliding) multi-day race through the Alps that is incredible! Prior to having a family, I used to fly hang gliders and paragliders (my dad holds multiple world records in "free-flying"). 

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Do you have any quirky running habits?

I always tuck my laces under the lacing on top of the foot. 



Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?

Mid-race pizza, post-race shake. 

Run on an empty stomach or a full bladder? 

Full, never passing up good food. 

Do a beer mile or a milk mile?

Beer, I still have not recovered from my sub-5 Eggnog Jog a few Christmases ago. 

Run in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat?

A Canadian in Texas, I can go either way here. 

Be met at the finish line with your favorite beverage or favorite meal?

I'll take a ginger beer. 

Come across a snake or a rat on your run?

I have my fair share of snake (and gator) hurdles here in Texas, rats are nothing. 

Run with a blister on your foot or a cramp in your side?


Give up core work or stretching and still stay injury-free?

I probably need to do both... 

Run uphill in the first half of your run or the second?

First half, the Comrades down year is my favorite.