Jeff Browning


Flagstaff, AZ




Technical Mountain 100-milers

Jeff Browning (aka Bronco Billy) is an online endurance coach and veteran ultrarunner of more than two decades. At 49, he continues to rip it up in some of the world’s most rugged ultramarathons. With more than 30 career ultra-wins, he holds multiple course records, including The Double record for the fastest combined times of Western States 100 and Hardrock 100 (a mere 19 days apart). When not on the trail, Jeff can be found chatting with the local rancher at the summer farmer’s market or conversing with neighborhood baristas about the benefits of an ancestral diet. 

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  • Being married for 24 years!  

  • Over 30 career ultra-wins (21 in 100-milers).  

  • Only one DNF (badly rolled ankle) in 21 years of running ultras (over 150 finishes). 

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How fast do you think you could run a backwards mile?
Slow enough not to fall and bust my noggin. 
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What is one of your most memorable non-competition runs?

Running across Patagonia National Park in Chile. 

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If you had to pick one race or event this year that you anticipate will be your most proud achievement or moment, which one would it be and why? Do you have a special connection?

Hardrock 100. It will be my 5th finish (and veteran lottery status). Plus, it’s my favorite ultra and I love the wild and tough San Juan Mountains. They’re so spectacular. 

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What is your favorite event to watch that you don’t participate in?

My daughter’s soccer games. 

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Do you have any quirky running habits?

Not that I know of. 



Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?

Milkshake, but only if it’s vanilla. 

Run on an empty stomach or a full bladder? 

No brainer, empty stomach, I’m fat-adapted! 

Do a beer mile or a milk mile?

Milk, but it has to be raw and from a jersey cow. 

Run in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat?

Definitely heat. 

Be met at the finish line with your favorite beverage or favorite meal?

Favorite meal. 

Come across a snake or a rat on your run?

Either. I’d just hurdle it and keep running. 

Run with a blister on your foot or a cramp in your side?


Give up core work or stretching and still stay injury-free?

Neither. I’m 49, you have to do ALL the little stuff! 

Run uphill in the first half of your run or the second?

Anytime, vert don’t hurt.