Meredith June Edwards


Durango, CO




100-miler Sky Running

Meredith Edwards is a mountain endurance athlete who specializes in ultrarunning, ski mountaineering, and gravel grinding. Meredith, who is originally from Pennsylvania, now resides and trains in Durango, Colorado. Her passions include anything in the mountains and connecting with people from all over the world.  

She has represented her country at World Championships in Ski Mountaineering and competed all over the world, claiming a podium in many ultrarunning distances and events. She is also the Co Host of the web episode series, "Run Around the World."  

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  • 2nd, UTMB TDS 120K, France 2016 

  • 1st, Ultra Trail Mount Siguniang/Course Record 60k, China 2017 

  • 2nd, UTMB International Gaoligong 50k, China 2018  

  • 1st, Montreux Trail festival 37k, Switzerland 2018  

  • 5th, Run Rabbit Run 100-miler, USA 2018  

  • 3rd, UTMB International Oman 137k, Oman 2018  

  • 1st, UTMB International Ushuaia 35k, Argentina 2019  

  • 2nd, UTMB International Oman 137k, Oman 2019  

  • 2nd, Moab Red Hot 55k, USA 2020  

  • 1st, Bear Ears 50k, USA 2020 

  • 1st, Course Record, Tushurs 100k, USA 2020 

  • 1st, Course Record, Moah Red Hot 55k, USA 2021 

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How fast do you think you could run a backwards mile?
9 minutes, maybe. 
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What is one of your most memorable non-competition runs?

Druid Arch in Canyonlands. 

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If you had to pick one race or event this year that you anticipate will be your most proud achievement or moment, which one would it be and why? Do you have a special connection?

UTMB TDS 145k in 2016. I finished 2nd and have been looking forward to returning to this course. In 2019 they changed the race from 130k to 145k, so I'm really excited to run the new course and hopefully do well. This is my favorite event all year.

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What is your favorite event to watch that you don’t participate in?

Women’s 3000 M steeplechase at the Olympics. 

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Do you have any quirky running habits?

Yelling, “No Mercy!”  



Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?

Neither. I don't do diary, but if I had to pick—pizza.

Run on an empty stomach or a full bladder? 

Full Bladder.

Do a beer mile or a milk mile?

Neither. I don't drink beer or milk—so Kombucha. 

Run in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat?

I would rather run in sweltering heat. 

Be met at the finish line with your favorite beverage or favorite meal?

I would prefer to get a Kombucha at the finish. 

Come across a snake or a rat on your run?

A snake, they are my favorite. 

Run with a blister on your foot or a cramp in your side?

Run with a blister, you can fix those. 

Give up core work or stretching and still stay injury-free?

Stretching. I hate it. 

Run uphill in the first half of your run or the second?

I would rather run uphill in the first half.