Sydney Gidabuday


Boulder, CO




Track and Road

Sydney is a professional runner who competes in events ranging from the 3,000-meter to the half-marathon. Both his birth parents were born in Tanzania, but Sydney was raised in Orange, California by his adoptive family.

He found his passion for running in high school and received a scholarship to attend DII college Adams State University. As a student, he became a seven-time NCAA champion and the second-fastest 5,000-meter runner in DII history with a time of 13:29:31. This ambitious time also classified him as the 5,000-meter record-holder for his university.

Currently, Sydney runs with Roots Running Project, a professional running team based in Boulder, Colorado. He looks forward to continuing to train with his team and hopes to race a competitive half-marathon in the near future.  

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  • 4:01 mile

  • 13:22 5K

  • 28:15 10K

  • 61:09 Half-marathon

  • Placed 3rd at the 2021 USA 5K Road Championships

  • Olympic Track & Field Trials Qualifier
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How fast do you think you could run a backwards mile?

6:30 on a relatively straight route or 8:00 on the track.

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What is one of your most memorable non-competition runs?

Mountain runs in college were always the best. We would go to a place by The Great Sand Dunes in college called Mosca Pass and it was one of my favorites. You would run hard through the rocky terrain and be rewarded with an amazing meadow and views between a couple of 14’ers.

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If you had to pick one race or event this year that you anticipate will be your most proud achievement or moment, which one would it be and why? Do you have a special connection?

I haven't put a location on the map yet, but I plan on running a very fast half-marathon this year. I would like to join some of the best distance runners in the world by putting up a respectable time on a global scale.

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What is your favorite event to watch that you don’t participate in?

The marathon is something I don't currently participate in, but I enjoy it a lot. I will hopefully check that box off one day but something that I may never compete in is a major trail race like UTMB ® or Leadville {Trail 100}. I find those athletes to be amazing and realize that I may be a better spectator than a competitor, as my talents lay on the flat roads or tracks.

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Do you have any quirky running habits?

Sometimes I eat a meal right before I run. It can get uncomfortable, but I figure I am better off with something in my stomach.



Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?


Run on an empty stomach or a full bladder? 

Empty stomach.

Do a beer mile or a milk mile?

Beer mile.

Run in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat?

Freezing cold.

Be met at the finish line with your favorite beverage or favorite meal?

Favorite beverage. I usually can’t eat right after a race.

Come across a snake or a rat on your run?

Rat. I definitely have a fear of snakes.

Run with a blister on your foot or a cramp in your side?

Blister on my foot. Adrenaline can mask a blister a lot better.

Give up core work or stretching and still stay injury-free?

Stretching. You work on your core when you run, right?

Run uphill in the first half of your run or the second?

First half. Running after the hard part is over is unbeatable.