Zach Bitter


Phoenix, AZ




100 milers

Zach is an ultramarathon athlete, coach, and podcast host. His favorite race distance to train for and race is the 100 mile. He began running in middle school and jumped into his first ultramarathon in 2010. Since then, Zach has participated in over 60 ultramarathons and claimed World Records for 100 miles, 12-hours, and World Bests for 100-mile Trail and 100 miles and 12-hours on a treadmill. 

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My greatest accomplishment was racing 100 miles and 12-hours at the Pettit Center in 2019 at 6-Days in the Dome. I broke the 100-mile World Record with a time of 11:19:13 and 12-hours with a distance of 104.88 miles. 

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How fast do you think you could run a backwards mile?
Oof… my glutes burn just thinking about it. My best guess, 8 minutes. 
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What is one of your most memorable non-competition runs?

Running in the San Juans with my wife, Nicole, before we got married in Telluride. 

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If you had to pick one race or event this year that you anticipate will be your most proud achievement or moment, which one would it be and why? Do you have a special connection?

I will be doing a project this fall which will entail completing a Transcontinental Run (San Francisco to New York City by foot). I will be putting this project together to raise awareness and donations for a charity called, “Fight for the Forgotten.” The founder, Justin Wren, has spent the past few years helping the Pygmy Tribe in the Congo build wells, farms, and achieve basic human rights. He is also helping launch a nation-wide curriculum to help combat bullying in our school systems. 

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What is your favorite event to watch that you don’t participate in?

NFL Football 

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Do you have any quirky running habits?

I enjoy short loops, even on a track. 



Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?


Run on an empty stomach or a full bladder? 

Empty stomach.

Do a beer mile or a milk mile?


Run in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat?

Seltering heat.

Be met at the finish line with your favorite beverage or favorite meal?

Ribeye steak. 

Come across a snake or a rat on your run?


Run with a blister on your foot or a cramp in your side?


Give up core work or stretching and still stay injury-free?


Run uphill in the first half of your run or the second?