The Difference of Three

Gives the big toe space for a more powerful toe-off
Reduces overpronation and enhances stability for all-around comfort

FootShape™ Toe Box

Altra shoes feature an original Footshape™ Toe Box built for the foot's natural contour. This design allows the toes to relax and spread out completely. The big toe remains uncramped in a straight position.

Designed around key physical characteristics of the female foot
A true gender specific fit for enhanced performance

Fit4Her™ Technology

Altra's Fit4Her™ technology caters to the specific form of the female foot, which has a narrower heel and midfoot, a higher instep, a longer arch and unique metatarsal spacing.

Promotes upright posture for natural body alignment
Provides a level platform for support, balance, and protective cushioning

Cushioned ZeroDrop™

Every Altra shoe is built on a ZeroDrop™ platform that positions the heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground. This natural foundation aids in optimal alignment, cultivates better form, and encourages a low-impact landing.

Design & Technology

Specially Designed for Women

Women's feet are anatomically different than men's feet. Altra is the first shoe company to introduce an entire line of truly female specific shoes.

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Jacob Puzey Shatters 50 Mile Treadmill World Record

Altra elite athlete, Jacob Puzey, Welcomed December with a record-breaking run at the running event in Orlando, FL

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